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After 25+ years of helping persons with low vision, it became apparent that there were two things everyone with low vision, or everyone that is helping someone with low vision should know about;

  1. What is Low Vision?
  2. What Local Resources are available in my State that I should know about?

To help people learn these two things we created this website and sell both of these answers for only $4.99.  Each State list is tailored for a specific State and it provides all the best organizations along with a definition and description of them.  We provide a State list for every State in the United States including Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Your $4.99 will get you two files downloaded to your computer, tablet or smartphone.  One file is the State list, and the second file is the Learn about Low Vision and Low-cost visual Aides which teaches you :

Learn about Low Vision and Low-cost visual Aides by Patrick J. Fischer

  • What Is Good Vision?

  • What Is Low Vision?

  • What Is Visual Acuity?

  • What Is Visual Field?

  • What Is Blindness?

  • Eye Doctors and Vision Professionals

  • Optometrist

  • Ophthalmologist

  • Optician

  • assistive-technology specialists

  • orientation and mobility specialists

  • occupational therapists

  • vision-rehabilitation therapists

  • Low-Cost Vision Aids

  • Contrast

  • Lighting

  • Tactile Markings

  • Talking Gadgets

  • Large Print

  • Over-the-Counter Magnifiers

Low Vision US was founded as a service company dedicated to helping the blind and visually impaired.  Our history of helping the visually impaired goes back 25 years.  In our years of business we have successfully helped over 10,000 people visually impaired by providing products and services and that knowledge went into making the State Resource List and the Learn About Low Vision and Low-Cost Visual Aids.

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